Woman who ran over husband for not voting sentenced to 3.5 years in prison

Holly Solomon told the judge she accepts responsibility for hitting her then-husband with her Jeep.

"This was an isolated incident, and since then I have sought out help in every way I could. I still struggle with all the lives that were affected that day, not just my ex-husband's but everybody's," said Holly Solomon.

Solomon was arrested days after the 2012 election. Witnesses saw the incident take place in a Gilbert parking lot.

"This woman just ran down her husband, or boyfriend, or husband in the parking lot! He got out of the car, and she was screaming at him, and he started walking away, and she started driving circles around him. She wouldn't let him, he started to take off and she ran into him," said a witness.

In court Robert Solomon described his major injuries to the judge, both physical and emotional.

"This life I was building was destroyed, and I have been forced to start over," said Robert Solomon.

"Holly deserves to go to prison for what she did to me, she gambled with my life and very nearly took it. Whether she says she meant to hit me or not, she acted in a criminally reckless manner," he said.

The couple is now divorced, at the time of the crime Holly was pregnant with their son.

"Holly had wanted Dan to vote for Romney, Dan's lack of vote for either candidate did not matter one bit in Arizona. What a ridiculous reason to get angry enough to blow up her entire life, run over her husband, and cause some emotional turmoil in her family and ours," said Robert.

A judge sentenced Holly Solomon to 3.5 years in prison, and four years of probation.