Work begins for Phoenix company to decorate homes in time for Christmas

As the country heads into Christmas, many people are decorating for the upcoming holiday, and in the Valley, one company is busy hanging lights on homes.

For Holiday Light Co., the day after Thanksgiving is go time for their business.

"The day after thanksgiving is nuts," said Rainer Owens with Holiday Light Co. "Everyone feels like they have to have their lights up that day."

Nov. 27 has been a very busy day for Owens and his team. They started decking the halls on people's homes in September, but the day after Thanksgiving is their final push to Christmas.

"That’s when every mom is calling us wanting their lights up, and every husband is praying our pricing is right so they don’t have to get on the roof," said Owens.

For the next two weeks, it's full steam ahead, with Owens' company. The company will hang thousands of custom Christmas lights on homes across the Valley. They typically string lights on four to 500 homes per holiday season, and every year, more and more people are looking to make their homes merry and bright.

"What most people are looking for in Christmas lights is just clean and simple," said Owens. "I would say 90% of our customers want that white, traditional look. They want it spaced out and lined up perfectly."