Wrong text leads to unexpected Thanksgiving dinner

We have all received texts and phone calls from the wrong number, but typically, when someone responds "wrong person", it doesn't lead to anything further.

For one person, however, that wrong text led to a Thanksgiving dinner invitation, from a woman who claimed to be his grandmother, even when the woman understands the person she texted was not her grandson.

"I was just in class, and I got a random group chat text, so I texted back, and I found a new grandma," said 17-year-old Jamal Hinton.

The text began by stating what time the Thanksgiving dinner would be, and once Hinton and the woman exchanged selfies, they knew it was a mix-up.

Instead of un-inviting Hinton, the woman, identified as Wanda Dench, still extended the invitation.

"I was, like, 'wow, she is really nice, I should really go'," said Hinton. "She seems really sweet. Just a nice lady, I guess."

On Wednesday, our cameras were there when Dench and Hinton met for the first time, before they are scheduled to break bread on Thanksgiving dinner," said Dench. "So, it's not uncommon, but I haven't done that for quite a long time.

"Grew up in a military family. My dad is Navy, so we would invite vets over that we didn't know either for Thanksgiving," said Dench. "I saw his picture, and even though I invited him, I did not think for a second that he'd want to come to my house after seeing my picture!"

Both Dench and Hinton said they have a lot in common, like open hearts and minds. There is one thing, however, Hinton said he could help Dench with, and that is her texting.

Dench's invitation is not limited to Hinton, as his entire family is invited as well.

As for Hinton's biological grandmother, Hinton said she does not text.