Young entrepreneurs show off their creative businesses at event

Hundreds of local entrepreneurs held a big business fair on Saturday, but these business owners weren't your typical titans of the industry -- they were all kids.

From homemade organic bath products, to shoe laces, to fresh baked goods, these kid-owned operated businesses are impressive.

"These kids are amazing, they've blown all of our minds," said Scott Donell, the organizer.

Donell says this idea came out of Texas, and has quickly grown to other states.

"Kids are using their creative potential. They're seeing a need in their community, something that they're good at, and then they create a little business and sell it to their friends and families," Donell said.

"This year, I'm just surprised by the talent of these kids, what they're able to make, how they're able to communicate. Amazing things happen when parents can step back a little bit and let their kids have the freedom to do things. Man, they thrive," said Andrew Collins, another organizer.

"The name of my company is called 'Everybody is Beautiful,'" said Leyla Blackwell, a business owner.

Blackwell and her brother are in business together, and they sell items that not only inspire, but help turn these young entrepreneurs into mini business moguls.