Young woman spending summer to help build a sustainable future for Haiti

A young woman has decided to decided to spend her summer giving back to the people in Haiti.

After going through a very rough upbringing, 20-year-old Veronica Miranda said it's now her mission to help others. Miranda, who spent years in an Mexican orphanage after both of her parents went to prison, os now turning her tragedy into hope for others. She will soon be traveling to Jacmel, Haiti with Pierre and Lorphine St. Louis, where she will help the couple build a coffee shop on their property.

"I'll be helping, assisting with the business plan and budgets, and potentially trying to hire people and see who's qualified," said Miranda.

The goal for this mission, which is funded and organized by Partners in Action, is to provide sustainability to the country. Rather than giving a handout, they are giving a hand up.

"We believe that if they get the training and skills they need and the resources they lack, that will transform the entire country," said St. Louis.

"They're going to have electricity. They're going to have a server for Wi-fi. They can have satellite TV, so this is going to become a great gathering spot," said Jerry Bowman, CEO of Partners in Action.

Currently, Miranda is a sophomore at Washington State University. Her main goal is to be an example, and provide a lasting impact to the people in Haiti.

"When I was in the orphanage, there was people that cared for me and looked out for me, even though I didn't know it," said Miranda. "It's really important for me to give back."

Miranda will be gone for eight weeks, and she has now been hired on as an intern at Partners in Action. She hopes to graduate in 2020, and to continue giving back.