Zika case found in Pima County; 6th in Arizona

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) -- Pima County has seen its first case of travel-related Zika virus, making the sixth one in Arizona.

The Pima County Health Department says a person who traveled in the Caribbean for an extended period of time and is now Arizona has tested positive for the virus.

A spokesman said the department wasn't releasing the gender or age of the person infected because of privacy concerns.

"This person did not become infected while here in Pima County," said Pima County Health Department Director Francisco García. "As soon as we knew this person was at risk for Zika, we took the necessary steps to inform the individual on how to prevent mosquito bites."

Arizona health officials say there have been five other cases of residents who travelled in areas where the virus is circulating and came back infected. They are all in Maricopa County.

"While travel related cases like this one are reminders that we should take steps to protect ourselves at home and during travel, the risk of having a person become infected with Zika virus while here in Pima County remains low," Garcia said.

The Zika virus causes mild and brief illness in most people but has been linked to fetal deaths and severe birth defects.

Arizona Department of Health Services

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention