Zoogoers step out in heat to see baby animals at Wildlife World Zoo

Over 6,000 animals are across 100 acres at Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium, which can be a little intimidating to come out for a visit with summer temperatures hitting the triple digits.

But the heat is not stopping some folks from getting a look at what appears to be the main attraction -- baby animals!

"Right now here at Wildlife World, we have a lot of babies and so many of our babies are where it's nice and cool with A/C or even our babies that we have throughout the park, you can cool off by going under a nice shade tree and we have so many animal exhibit buildings," Kristy Morcom said.

Newborn bison, bobcat kitten, African blue duiker, and warthog... to name a few. Needless to say they're...

"Because they're cute," Audrey said.

Zoogoers have been stepping out of the heat and into the wildlife nursery.

"You get hot and then you come back in and cool off and then you go back out and enjoy it, but it's cute to see the little ones," Randy Wallace said.

"I brought the grandbabies to see all the other little babies and all the little animals around here," Marjorie Wallace said.

Visitors say it may be hot, but these zoo babies made for a perfect summer day at the zoo.