Arizona Cardinals player Ricky Seals-Jones arrested, accused of assault

Ricky Seals-Jones, a player with the Arizona Cardinals, was arrested on multiple charges on July 14, according to documents uncovered Tuesday.

According to documents by Scottsdale Police, Seals-Jones, 23, is facing charges of assault, disorderly conduct, and criminal trespass in the third degree. The incident took place at a hotel on the 7200 block of E. Camelback road, in the early morning hours of July 14.

According to documents, a uniformed police officer was flagged down by security at the hotel at around 1:35 a.m. in reference to a disruptive subject. When the officer arrived at the front entrance of the building, he saw Seals-Jones being held on the ground. Seals-Jones later told officers that he was trying to enter the building via a northwest door in the valet parking area when he was stopped by hotel staff. Seals-Jones told officers he needed to use the bathroom, and that he was trying to use a bathroom inside a sushi restaurant. Hotel staff, however, told Seals-Jones that he can't use that restroom, as the restaurant was closed at the time.

Seals-Jones, according to documents, said he attempted to walk past the hotel staff, as he had to go to the bathroom badly, and was then taken to the ground.

An interview with a hotel employee by police, however, painted a different story. According to police documents, a hotel staff told police officers that Seals-Jones had requested to go inside the hotel to use the restroom, but was refused, as the hotel only allowed its guests to enter the hotel at that time of the night. Seals-Jones then tried to enter the hotel via a northwest entrance, and was once again denied entry, and told to leave. The staff member said Seals-Jones became "combative", and shoved the staff member in the shoulder area with one hand.

According to police narratives, Seals-Jones was noted by one officer as "appeared to be intoxicated", with "bloodshot, watery eyes and an odor of intoxicant emanating from his breath".

Police documents noted that while there is surveillance video of the incident, and that Seals-Jones was seen moving the ropes that were blocking the entrance to the restaurant, there was no camera angle that showed the interaction between Seals-Jones and staff members inside.

Seals-Jones, according to police documents, was cited and released.

According to his profile on the Arizona Cardinals website, Seals-Jones is a second year player from Texas A&M, and is a tight end for the team. On Tuesday evening, Arizona Cardinals officials told FOX 10 that the team is aware of the incident over the weekend involving Seals-Jones, but will refrain from commenting further at this time, while the legal process remains on-going.