Athens, Tuscaloosa mayors make bet over National Championship

The mayor of Athens is betting her hometown team wins the CFP National Championship, and to the surprise of few part of that bet involves beer.

FOX 5's Randy Travis was in Athens where he arranged for the mayors of two college towns to stare each other down digitally.

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They couldn't have done this 37 years ago, the last time Georgia was vying for a National Championship. People in Athens have waited that long for another chance to come around.

Mayor Nancy Denson has waited that long to place her first bet.

Denson first took political office as a city council member in a legendary year: 1980. She will leave the office for good as mayor at the end of this year. But 2018, may be perhaps another magical year in Athens.

"So I'm counting on Kirby [Smart] to help end my final year as a champion, too," she smiled.

Through technology that was not available in the Herschel Walker days, we arranged for Mayor Denson to face off with Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox from the comfort of their own offices.

For two SEC mayors, they seemed way too friendly on FaceTime.

"We don't have to trash talk," mayor Maddox promised. SEC does it's talking on the field."

Then the mayor trash talked through his Wi-Fi.

"Remember, we've had a lot of success against Georgia. Remember the Blackout a few years ago? It didn't come out too well so... gotta be careful!"

Mayor Denson fired back. A little.

"Now you just ruined your reputation because I was telling these guys that you were such a nice guy and you didn't do the trash talking," she scolded. Sort of. "All of it came from my side."

The bet? A case of beer from each town's three microbreweries, a donation to each mayor's favorite charities, and a t-shirt of the other team that the loser must wear to the next council meeting.

Mayor Denson said she's already bought one to send west come Tuesday.

Neither mayor will be attending the game at Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium, mostly because of the extremely steep ticket prices.

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