Bank of America Stadium officials prepare field for winter weather

Fans are excited for the NFC Championship game this Sunday but NFL officials are more concerned about where the game will be played out.

The field has been a concern for those at Bank of America Stadium.

Crews finished painting the field Thursday.

It's covered by a tarp right now and will remain covered until all of the winter weather passes.

Officials hope to remove it 24 hours before the Panthers face the Cardinals, allowing the field to dry out as much as possible.

Crews also pre-treated aisles and walkways with ice melt to prevent slips and falls at the stadium.

"We are concentrating on that to make sure we can get our fans here, to the stadium, and that it is a safe environment inside the stadium," said Scott Paul, Stadium Operations Executive Director.

The field has been re-sodded three different times this football season. It's usually done twice.