Cownose rays at Zoo Tampa predict World Cup winner

A couple of cownose rays at Zoo Tampa at Lowry Park have predicted the winner of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The zoo gave the rays a little encouragement during an enrichment activity to toss a ball into a net, giving us a winner days before the big match.

The zoo's staff develops enrichment activities that encourage natural behavior for the rays. The activities are designed to stimulate their senses and engage them socially.

For the FIFA World Cup prediction activity, shrimp were hidden inside a red ball - representing Croatia, and a blue ball - representing France.

When zoo staff dumped the two balls into the rays' pool, they began tossing the balls around the water.

When one of the rays tossed the red ball into a net at the edge of the water, Croatia's destiny as the winner of the 2018 FIFA World Cup was sealed.

The final match of the World Cup will air on FOX 13 Sunday, July 15 at 11 a.m. eastern time.