Get into the mood for Super Bowl 2021 with these free-to-stream football films

If you’re looking to get your head in the game ahead of Super Bowl 2021, then look no further than Tubi — the largest collection of movies and TV online. 

The video-on-demand service turns every day into game day with a nearly endless supply of football movies and old games to help you relive the glory days of your favorite teams. 

Between the Big Ten Conference and classic films about the iconic American sport, Tubi has you covered, no matter which team you’re cheering for.

Revisit memorable football games

FOX Sports College Football Classics: PAC-12 - Featuring Michigan St. at Oregon, Sept. 9, 2014. "A compilation of football classics from the PAC-12."

FOX Sports College Football Classics: Big 12 - "Relive the biggest Big Ten football classics with Oklahoma at Texas Tech (2016), Oklahoma at Oklahoma St. (2017), Texas at Oklahoma (2018), and more."

Big Ten Classics: Football Championship Games - Featuring Wisconsin vs. Michigan State, Dec. 3, 2011. "When it comes to reliving the classics, you can't do much better than these heart-racing, inspiring, Big Ten Football Championship games."

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Football documentaries

10 Yards: Fantasy Football (2008) - "An inside look at how fantasy football has become such a popular activity in America. This sports doc includes exclusive interviews."

Live the Dream: The Texas Longhorns Magical Match to the 2005 National Championship (2005) - "Highlights from the entire University of Texas' 2005 football season culminate with a Rose Bowl victory in the BCS Championship game over USC."

Fathers of Football (2018) - "In Wagoner, Oklahoma, football offers small-town kids a way out. But the opportunity to succeed in a challenging season demands much of them."

Old Man Football (2017) - "Grown men get a second chance at personal redemption, when they return to their Texas high school and play a game against much younger alumni."

4th & Loud (2014) - "Two rock legends rewrite the rules of professional sports as their try to turn Los Angeles's only pro football team into a winning franchise."

Cinema classics featuring football

Division III: Football's Finest (2012) - "When an unhinged hillbilly is hired to coach the absolute worst team in college football's worst division, hilarity and chaos ensues."

Concussion (2015) - "This compelling true story of Dr. Bennet Omalu shows how the forensic neuropathologist discovered the existence of CTE in football players."

Carter High (2015) - "The 1988 CARTER HIGH Cowboys were noted as being the best High School football team in Texas High School football history. They had it all but the team was met with a concerted effort by media and powerful Texas high school athletics alliances off the field, in an attempt to disrupt their season."

Married to a Baller (2013) - "When a car accident leaves a pro football player confined to a wheelchair and without a wife, he struggles to rebuild his life and find new purpose."

23 Blast (2014) - "The true story of a young football star who suddenly goes blind, and must choose between a safe, limited life or a brave return to the sport he loves."

Underdogs (2014) - "Welcome to Ohio, where football is everything. When a high school coach attempts to change the direction of his team, he’s met with resistance."

Touchback (2011) - "A depressed former high school football star gets a second chance to relive his glory days before a game-winning play that shatters his knee."

Catching Faith (2015) - "After a high school football star gets caught drinking, he and his family are at a crossroads in their faith. They must rely on God for guidance."

8th Round Pick (2020) - "After a devastating knee injury cancels his football career, a once-star college quarterback returns home from the NFL draft to bag groceries."

Reggie’s Prayer (1996) - "A pro football player, still pining for a Super Bowl ring, retires to coach kids at an inner-city school, where a troubled student needs his help."

FIND a WAY (2012) - "Based on the true story "Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People", this film focuses on the death of a high school's town hero."

The Halfback of Notre Dame (1996) - "Coach Modeau of Notre Dame High School in Portland, Oregon, is pushing his football team hard to win the upcoming city championship game."

Glory Days (1988) - "A middle-aged, married retiree decides to enroll at his son’s college and decides to try out for the football team, hoping to fulfill a buried dream."

Big Fan (2009) - "A parking garage attendant, who lives for New York Giants football, struggles to deal with the fallout when he gets beaten up by his favorite player."

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