Ann Coulter's tweet on Hurricane Harvey causing controversy

Controversial conservative commentator Ann Coulter is causing a new round of controversy with a tweet on Hurricane Harvey.

In a tweet dated August 28, Coulter made a tweet that claims while she "doesn't believe Hurricane Harvey is
god's punishment for Houston electing a lesbian mayor", she finds the theory "more credible than 'climate change'".

The tweet includes a link to a Politico Magazine tweet, which links to article that talks about the role of climate change in Hurricane Harvey.

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While Coulter's tweet did not mention the mayor by name, she may be referring to Annise Parker, who stepped down as Houston's mayor at the end of her term on January 2, 2016. Parker married her partner, Kathy Hubbard, in 2014.

The Houston Chronicle, in an article dated December 12, 2009, described Parker as the first openly gay person to lead a major U.S. city.

Actor George Takai, who is openly gay, appears to mock Coulter's tweet in his response.

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Others also chimed in on Coulter's tweet.

(Can't see the tweet? Is the tweet deleted? Click here)

Coulter is no stranger to controversy. In July, Coulter courted controversy by attacking Delta Airlines on social media for allegedly taking away a seat she reserved that had extra legroom, and even tweeted a photo that appears to show the woman who allegedly took the seat Coulter claims she initially reserved.

Delta, in a response posted on Twitter, called Coulter's "insults about other customers and employees" as "unacceptable and unnecessary".

Coulter's controversies also go back to the middle of the last decade. Tucson-based newspaper Arizona Daily Star dropped Coulter's column in August 2005, saying readers who identified themselves as conservatives find her "shill, bombastic and mean-spirited".