Arizona Task Force 1 arrives in Florida, as state cleans up after Hurricane Irma

Arizona's Task Force 1, which was deployed over two weeks ago to help with those impacted by Hurricane Harvey, now has a new mission.

On Monday, the team started their day at the convention center in Orlando, Florida, as the 80-member team joined with other FEMA teams for a moment of silence, in memory of the victims and heroes of 9/11. The task force, made up mostly of Phoenix firefighters, then headed for Sarasota, Florida, as the state cleans up after Hurricane Irma struck the state.

Shelly Jamieson with Task Force 1 said the the team is in a unique position to compare the early devastation from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

"Houston had years worth of rain dump in just a few days, so flooding was catastrophic," said Jamieson. "Florida, after Hurricane Andrew many years ago, has really strengthened construction, reassessed how flooding works, so we're not seeing damage we saw in Houston."

There are 27 other FEMA teams standing by to help with devastation caused by Irma.