Couple who fled to Charlotte to escape Hurricane Florence gives birth to baby boy

A North Carolina couple who fled to Charlotte to avoid Hurricane Florence gave birth to a health baby boy this week.

Danny Hudgins and Lindsey Latimer, of Wilmington, welcomed little Grayson James Hudgins into the world Tuesday, September 18 at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte.

"I know 100 percent we made the right decision to evacuate. It was intimidating getting in the car in the midst of a storm, 39-weeks pregnant and leaving behind the doctors and nurses we were familiar with," said Latimer. "But we are grateful for the people here in Charlotte who have stepped up, strangers who have made us feel welcome. We know things could have been a lot worse, but God took care of us."

LINK: Baby girl born to North Carolina family fleeing Florence

Grayson was born weighing 8.5 pounds and 21 inches long. He's already perfecting his smile and makes cute little pig noises when he sleeps.

It may be a little difficult as a brand-new dad, but I want to provide service and give back any way we can." says Dad.

The couple says they look forward to getting back to Wilmington and say they want to help in recovery efforts in whatever way they can.