Harvey-related flooding hammering Lake Jackson homeowners

On the edge of Lake Jackson, the neighborhood known as Buffalo Camp has become part of the Brazos. The river bloated by Harvey's torrential downpours has slipped its banks and made a sopping mess of hundreds of homes.

FOX 26 came upon resident Kenneth Lookingbill leading first responders in prayer.

"Help us to remember you promised us a rainbow after all this flood. We ask that you watch over folks who are staying. Help to remind folks who have lost things that it's just stuff. As long as lives are okay, we are good," said Lookingbill.

Like most here, his home here did not escape. His family lost a great deal, but not what matters most.

"A good portion of the good things that happen in your life follow something really bad. So this may be God's way of bringing people together and steering hearts in the right direction. That's the light I see at the end of the tunnel," said Lookingbill.

Moments later as the current grabbed and nearly capsized a kayaker, the man of great faith made a quick moving water rescue.

It was a rare blessing amid the ongoing destruction.

Thursday morning there was just six inches of water in Buffalo camp. Four days later, the flooding in Lookingbill's driveway was waist high.

Inside the family's two-story the river has taken a terrible toll -- wood flooring afloat and the whole first floor submerged beneath a foot of water.

On his way out to help others, Lookingbill insisted that the temporary misery has to be part of a greater plan.

"People out here are tough, just like everybody across Texas. We are a faith based community. We lean on each other and lean on God and I think everybody is going to come out of this good."