Irma cancels Heber-Overgaard couple's 50th wedding anniversary trip to the Dominican Republic

With any hurricanes or severe weather, travel plans are sure to be interrupted.

"Everybody is juggling," said Paul Seiferth with Terra Travel. "The airlines of course. The airlines are trying to figure out schedules."

For one Arizona couple in Heber-Overgaard, Hurricane Irma has interfered with their travel plans. Dave and Helen Lanoue were set to arrive in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic at around noon Thursday. The two were planning on spending their 50th wedding anniversary at a beautiful resort.

Instead, the Lanoues will now just have dinner with friends back home.

"At first, we kept thinking, 'well, maybe it will veer off, and we don't have to think about it,'" said Helen Lanoue, in a phone interview. "By Tuesday, we knew we weren't going."

Cruises have been cancelled, along with flights. Many resorts in hard hit areas are closing their doors, bracing for the storm. Travel agents, meanwhile, are trying to get their clients' plans worked out.

"Cruises are affected, because a lot of them are in and out of Miami and Fort Lauderdale," said Seiferth. "The cruise lines are all repositioning, trying to figure out when it is going to hit, and when they want their ships in and out of port."

Although things didn't go as planned, the Lanoue's are thankful they're home and safe.

"After looking at all the pictures -- I went on this morning and looked at some from Punta Cana and some people who got stranded there -- and I thought I'm glad I'm not there. I don't want to be in a shelter," said Helen.

"It's a good thing we scheduled when we did, because if we would have done a few days previous, we would have been there, so it was actually perfect timing," said Dave.

The Lanoues have rescheduled their trip, and they will go to Puerto Vallarta in October.