National Guard helps out Harvey flood victims in Katy

The flood waters were still high in Katy, outside of Houston, which is why the national guard stepped in to help on Friday.

The National Guard packed huge military trucks with one person per home and all day led dozens of people to their flooded door steps in the Cinco Ranch part of the city.

Richard Gigante was one the people briefly returning to his home.

"Tuesday morning water was coming in the front door, slowly, back door, and through the walls," Gigante said.

His wife is diabetic and running out of her medication. They never thought the flood would last this long. People were allowed back in to pick up emergency items or pets.

"Carpet is wet, power is on, food in refrigerator hasn't spoiled yet," Gigante said after he got back.

Others took matters into their own hands and headed out with rafts.

"Came out to help a friend. Water finally receded from his house," said Greg Long. "There was a group of 20 people that came out to help and we removed all the drywall and all the water from his house and he is going to make it."

Even during tough times, it's a reminder of what makes Texas... Texas.