Peachtree City family waits for word on daughter in Virgin Islands

Hurricane Irma ripped right through the Caribbean leaving behind a trail of destruction.

It is the images coming out of that area that had a family here in Georgia worried about the safety of their daughter. They shared the moment they finally made contact.

With a child in danger, Susan Brown had no contact with her daughter Sydnee in the 48 hours since Category 5 Irma slammed into the Virgin Islands.

All night and all day, she spent calling and reaching out on social networking, but it brought no word of Sydnee's fate or that of her friend Russ Mawn.

Sydnee and Russ weathered the storm fine, although there is significant damage to the home where they had sheltered.

A quick call to Russ' family and you can hear the relief on the other end.

Susan's phone was blowing up the whole after with well wishes from those who had shared their fears, tears, and prayers.

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