Phoenix woman shares personal connection to Hurricane Irma devastation

The images are already devastating. Islands in the Caribbean are crippled, as Hurricane Irma carved a path of destruction in the area.

Phoenix is thousands of miles away from the Hurricane, but one Valley woman has a rather personal connection with the hurricane.

Colleen Grayman's parents had to wait out the hurricane, as it passed over St. Thomas, on the United States Virgin Islands.

"Right now, land lines are down, cell service is down, but my mom has internet, so she's able to utilize Wifi," said Grayman, during a phone interview.

Grayman grew up in St. Thomas.

"She just purchased this house," said Grayman, talking about her mother. "It's the first big storm it's gone through."

Luckily, Grayman's mother's house was OK. The neighborhood Grayman's mother is on, however, didn't share in such luck.

"All the vegetation around the house is down," said Grayman. "She said, 'I'm going to have to crawl over this stuff just to get out to the street.'"

The danger may not be over just yet, as Grayman's family on the U.S. Virgin Islands is bracing for another potential hurricane, from Hurricane Jose.