Philippe beginning to impact Bermuda before rain, wind arrive in New England this weekend

After lashing Puerto Rico as well as the U.S. and British Virgin Islands with heavy rain and strong winds, Tropical Storm Philippe is continuing its northward journey on a path that is bringing impacts to Bermuda now and eventually portions of New England and Atlantic Canada this weekend.

A large portion of Maine is included in Philippe's forecast cone, including the cities of Bangor, Bar Harbor and Houlton.

As Philippe makes its approach to New England, it will interact with a storm system sweeping across the U.S. that’s expected to arrive in the Northeast about the same time.

Widespread rain is expected in the region when the two systems begin to interact with one another.


Where is Tropical Storm Philippe?


Tropical Storm Philippe's stats. (FOX Weather)

Philippe is less than 400 miles south-southwest of Bermuda, but the National Hurricane Center (NHC) said heavy rain is expected to continue through Friday for the island nation. Philippe has maximum sustained winds of 50 mph with some higher gusts. Some minor strengthening is anticipated during the next 24 hours, but the cyclone is expected to remain below hurricane strength.


Tropical Storm Warning for Philippe. (FOX Weather)

A Tropical Storm Warning has been issued for Bermuda, which means tropical storm conditions (sustained winds of 39-73 mph) are likely in the warning area during the next 36 hours. 

Rainfall totals of 3-5 inches are expected through Friday in Bermuda, according to the NHC. They noted that these rainfall amounts may result in scattered flash flooding. 


Where is Tropical Storm Philippe going?


Tropical Storm Philippe's cone. (FOX Weather)

Tropical Storm Philippe is moving north at about 14 mph, and the NHC said that general motion is expected to continue with an increase in its forward speed expected through Saturday. Philippe could then make a possible turn to the north-northwest Saturday night or early Sunday. On that track, the center of Philippe will pass near or just west of Bermuda on Friday and then reach the coast of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or Maine on Saturday night.

What are the expected impacts from Tropical Storm Philippe in New England?

Those in Phillppe’s path should prepare for multiple weather-related threats, including flash flooding, power outages and dangerous surf along the coast.

New England can expect another weekend washout thanks to Tropical Storm Philippe and a storm system sweeping across the U.S.  (FOX Weather)

The FOX Forecast Center said Philippe will likely not be a fully tropical cyclone by the time it approaches New England. Instead, Philippe is expected to become a post-tropical cyclone Saturday as it becomes absorbed into a low-pressure system associated with the fall storm system marching across the eastern U.S.

Because of that, impacts are expected well outside the forecast cone. 


The flash flood threat in the Northeast and New England for Oct. 7-8, 2023. (FOX Weather)

As Tropical Storm Philippe continues moving north, a storm system in the middle of the country will continue its journey to the east.

Heavy rain will be ongoing ahead of Philippe’s center by Friday, and the cold front charging across the U.S. will be getting stronger as it approaches the East Coast.


The forecast rain totals in the Northeast and New England through Oct. 8, 2023. (FOX Weather)

As Philippe gets closer to New England and the Northeast by the weekend, the front will also be sweeping off the coast. This will lead to heavy rain across the Northeast and New England this weekend as the region feels the effects of both systems.

The flash flood risk has increased in the Northeast and New England as the ground is already heavily saturated from an extremely wet summer. The highest risk lies from eastern New York State to Maine.


The exclusive FOX Model max wind gust forecast through Oct. 8, 2023. (FOX Weather)

Most of the Northeast and northern New England can expect to see about 1-2 inches of rain through the weekend. However, portions of northern New York State, as well as Maine, could see 2-3 inches of rain, with some areas picking up 3-5 inches.

Meanwhile, wind gusts could reach 30-40 mph along coastal Maine and even stronger along Nova Scotia. 

Phillipe is expected to weaken as it moves farther inland. Conditions should improve in the Northeast early next week. 

Possible tropical disturbance to emerge off Africa


A potential tropical disturbance will emerge off Africa. (FOX Weather)

Things remain quiet elsewhere across the tropical Atlantic Ocean for now, but the NHC said there is a chance that a potential tropical disturbance expected to move off Africa could develop into a tropical system.

The NHC said the tropical wave will move off the west coast of Africa by Friday.

After that, some slow development is possible as it moves westward to west-northwest across the eastern Atlantic.

The NHC is giving the system a low chance of developing over the next week as it remains harmlessly over the open Atlantic.

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