2022 Arizona Primary Election: New poll shows Trump-backed GOP candidates dominating in key races

Days before Arizona Primary Election, a new poll shows Republican candidates backed by former President Donald Trump are dominating over their rivals in several key races.

The survey by OH Predictive Insights shows Kari Lake has a strong lead over Karrin Taylor Robson, with 51% support compared to 33%. 

The poll of 502 likely GOP primary voters was conducted on July 27. 12% were undecided or refused to say. The majority of people that responded said they're either supporting Donald Trump or the Republican Party.

"Remember Arizona is a special place for Trump because basically this was his launching pad for the presidency and a lot of his key supporters are based out here. And so when you look at this item, that’s kind of happening with this battle in the GOP.. you’re seeing right now that you know, like in the governor’s race, Kari Lake really has the momentum is behind her and that voters are breaking her way, compared to Ducey and Pence-backed Karrin Taylor Robson right now who hasn’t really had a lot of momentum in the last three or four weeks," said Mike Noble of OH Predictive Insights.

2022 Arizona Primary Elections: What you need to know

Other Arizona candidates backed by Trump are leading in their races, including Abe Hamadeh, running for state attorney general, Blake Masters for U.S. Senate, and Mark Finchem, running for Arizona Secretary of State.

Last minute push to get voters to the polls

It's going to be a fight to the end for all candidates as many are busy traveling the state, vying for those last-minute votes.

Soon the Arizona governor's office will have a new captain behind the desk. The primary election will help narrow down the candidates ahead of the general election in November.

We caught up with Republican candidate Karrin Taylor Robson on July 29 as she makes that final push before Tuesday, August 2.

"I’m very confident we feel very, very good about where we are," said Robson.

It's a battle at the ballot boxes with the state's primary election just days away and candidates are working around the clock to get your votes.

"We are criss-crossing the state.. that’s what we have done now for many, many months it’s been an honor of a lifetime, but we will continue to do that until the polls close on Tuesday," said Robson.

The two front-runners on the Republican side for governor are Kari Lake and Robson. On July 22, the two held dueling rallies. Lake got the endorsement from former President Donald Trump and Robson was endorsed by former Vice President Mike Pence. Both agree securing our border is their top priority.

"Day one is our border and securing our border. I have made a commitment that the very first thing that I will do is call our legislature into an emergency session to find the resources we need to send the local law enforcement and our local communities on the border who are really on the front lines of what has become a really 50-state border crisis," said Robson.

WATCH: Sparks fly as Republican candidates for Arizona governor take part in debate

Robson held a business roundtable on Friday. In attendance were some of her top supporters, including former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, former U.S. Representative Matt Salmon, and the owner of the Arizona Cardinals, Michael Bidwill.

With all eyes on Arizona, every vote counts and those registered as Independents are a key target to persuade.

"They are important, and I am attempting to reach out to every Arizona voter who is eligible to vote and of course Independents can go to the polls on Tuesday, and they can request a Republican ballot and so that’s what we are asking them to do, and I would love to have their votes because I am the candidate that will win in November." said Robson.

We reached out to Kari Lake for a taped interview on Friday, but she declined.

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