Some Pinal County ballots missing city, town races due to 'human error'; separate ballots to be issued

The Pinal County Board of Supervisors has approved a plan to address issues with their early voting after some city and town races were left off of the ballots.

According to Pinal County spokesperson James Daniels, the issue was human error.

"Just to clarify, this was not about individual candidates being left off of the ballot, it was that all city/town contests were left off of the ballot in certain cities and towns in Pinal County," explained Daniels. "The Elections Department are still reviewing the ballot types - there are over 900 different ballot types - to identify just which cities and towns are impacted."

The communities in the following city and towns are impacted:

  • Apache Junction
  • Casa Grande
  • Eloy
  • Mammoth
  • Maricopa
  • Queen Creek
  • Superior

The board has approved sending ballots to those impacted with only the local races. People who vote in person will also use a separate ballot.

Voters should still use the initial ballot they received to vote in federal, state, legislative and county races.

"Here at Pinal County, we strive for excellence, trust, and transparency, particularly when it comes to elections, and we recognize the significance of these errors. We wish to reassure voters and candidates that election integrity is our top priority and as such, we are taking immediate corrective action for voters in the affected areas," the county said.

Adding, "Affected voters will receive a supplementary ballot-by-mail with the correct municipal contests. Voters should still utilize the initial ballot for Federal, State, and Legislative contests. Any votes in municipal contests in the cities and towns listed above will not be registered on the original ballot, only on the supplementary ballot, which will be sent to all eligible voters."

You can use this map tool to find out if you've been impacted:

The county also released a brief FAQ.

My city or town is mentioned in the list above. What do I do?

Please vote as normal in all Federal, State, and Legislative contests on your ballot. If you have city or town contests on your ballot, you do not need to complete them. You will receive a supplemental ballot that you will need to complete to participate in the municipal election.

My city or town is not mentioned in the list as an impacted area.

If your city or town is not mentioned in the list above, you are not impacted and can continue to vote as normal.

I received a ballot with contests of a nearby city and town in which I am not eligible to vote in, what do I do?

Please complete the Federal, State, and Legislative contests on your card and vote as normal. Ineligible votes in contests for the cities and towns listed above will not be registered.

Contact the Citizen Contact Center if you have questions at 520-509-3555, or 311 when dialing within Pinal County. You can also email

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