10 fans of Jodi Arias lose right to make video calls

She is convicted of murder and will get life in prison.

Locked in a small cell for 23 hours a day, but Jodi Arias is not alone.

She is the most popular inmate using the jails video call system, and now she and her callers are in trouble.

In fact, 10 of them, including two teenage girls are now banned, and Arias could soon lose this privilege.

Last Saturday alone Arias took 27 video calls in jail; still photos from some of those calls have leaked.

With each call lasting up to 20 minutes, Arias could have spent 9 hours that day basically Skyping with followers and fans, but that could soon be over.

Has Arias gone from murder to convicting to the delinquency of minors?

Sheriff Joe Arpaio now says Arias used the jails video system to tell two 15-year-old admirers they should use fake ID's so they could keep talking with her.

"The mother told the girls to stop, and evidently the girls got back on and Arias advised them to get some phony ID's so they could get back on there because you have to be 18-years-old," said Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Admirers who are snapping photos of the conversation have also been banned, so far 10 of them in total have been banned.

Even after all of this Arias can still receive video phone calls. Arpaio says any discipline in the jail has to go through a committee, and that process takes 2-3 days. Only after that is complete could Arias lose the right to make calls.

"It takes a few days to justify why we have taken action on any violation of our policy, I want to make sure we follow the proper procedures, she's not going to like this," said Arpaio.

The 20 minute phone calls cost $5 each, and anybody can request a conversation but Arias has to accept the calls.