2 dogs dead after bee swarm attack at Peoria home

A Northwest Valley family of four was attacked in a bee swarm accident over the weekend.

The incident happened on Jan. 31, at a home near Peoria and 67th Avenues. Crews with the Glendale Fire Department responded to make sure the bee swarm did not harm anyone else in the neighborhood.

The family was treated for minor stings, but unfortunately, their two dogs were stung and did not make it.

The beehive was reportedly found in a shed. Officials say the homeowner tried to remove it themselves, and moments later, the bees began to swarm.

A neighbor, identified only as 'Rick,' watched the incident unfold.

"We're talking thousands of bees," said Rick. "There was thousands of them."

Firefighters later foamed the swarm of agitated bees to keep other residents safe.

"They were stinging us as we were trying to get protection," said Rick.

The family's two dogs did not take the stings well, and had to be taken to the vet in critical condition at first.

"The older dog of the two was just covered with bee stings," said Rick.

Members of the family told FOX 10 the dogs did not survive. Meanwhile, Officials say due to safety reasons, people should call a professional beekeeper when they spot a beehive.

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