2 horses corraled after running loose in Phoenix neighborhood

Members of the Phoenix Police Department are trained to handle anything, but some things still take them by surprise like today, when two horses got loose at 35th Avenue and Durango.

"How do we prepare for that?" a sergeant with Phoenix police asked. "We don't, the best we can do is provide some traffic control until they were able to lasso some horses."

According to witnesses, the two horses had a good run.

"They got a few lights down all the way to 21st Avenue and all the way back to 35th and Washington," a witness said.

Police say even though it was a sight to see it did shut down traffic flow as the two horses wove in and out of traffic.

"It's not something you see everyday, what complicated things a little is the horses went separate ways, so we got one at Sherman and we got this one behind us," police said.

After the horses' owners and employees came up with a game plan, the two were lassoed and returned home safely.

"We just started chasing after them and ran into traffic and they were just having a little fun," an employee said.