A look behind-the-scenes of political solicitations

Inside the victory office of the Arizona Republican Party, a system is underway calling voter after voter to get an insight on where they stand less than 30 days from election day.

It's likely you've gotten the call before and if you're anything like Arturo Santa Cruz, it's informative, but it's the party of the election season a lot of people call their least favorite.

"I tend to just hang up the phone," he said. "I hardly even answer my phone now. I just swipe it off."

Dean Johnson, on the other hand, calls it pure entertainment. He said he's heard some things he would call bizarre.

"You know, that Penzone guy running for sheriff about him beating his wife or you know," he said.

It can be frustrating for those back at the center, too. They say they deal with people who get upset at them for calling.

This election, experienced callers like Sarah say they see more of something that they've never really seen before.

"I've gotten more and more people who just aren't voting at all," she said. "They don't like either candidate."