A look inside ASU's new innovative dorm house

With panels on the front that rotate to block the sun and exposed pipes and wiring inside to show how the building works, this is the Tooker House.

Arizona State University's newest and biggest dorm houses 1,600 student in the largest engineering school in the country.

"The building was designed to be sustainable in a desert landscape. so as you look around, as you look at the outside surfaces, it's all designed to be sustainable here at Arizona State University," said Bradley Bolin, assistant director of ASU housing.

It took two years to build after knocking the PV main dorm down and this building is multi-faceted. It's not just a place to sleep, as it has its own classrooms and a gym.

The students are especially excited about the brand-new living spaces, not to mention the technology, like laundry rooms that are Bluetooth enabled!

Students will be able to track their laundry's progress and get notified when it's done. Not bad for a school that prides itself on innovation.

"I just really feel that as an engineering community we really focus on our academics and making the best of our students and I had a really good opportunity to come here and be a part of that," said Matt, a junior and engineering student at ASU.