Abandoned dog: Youngtown man says neighbors left pit bull behind

"They left this beautiful dog in their backyard and they just abandoned it," Devan Delaney said.

A few weeks ago, Delaney noticed something odd next door.

He says his neighbors left behind their family dog after their home allegedly foreclosed.

"We started paying attention and noticed there's no activity at this house whatsoever," he said.

The pit bull has not stopped barking and it's obvious no one seems to be home. Delaney says he's tried calling the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office and Maricopa County Animal Care and Control but hasn't had any luck.

"They're hands are tied. It's technically trespassing on private property. They can't do anything... it's theft of an animal," he said.

Since Delaney legally isn't allowed to rescue the dog himself, he's had to find other ways to take care of the dog in the meantime.

"We threw over a little metal tin over the wall so we could fill it with water," he said. "We give him a cup of food every night the same time we feed our dogs. We just go over there, pour it over the wall, he munches on it right away. Half the time has no problem -- eats it, loves it."

But the dog lover doesn't mind, he says, because his family has a dog of their own, and now, the abandoned dog next door has become part of the family.

"I have a little back scratcher I get over there sometimes and he'll climb up on the wall and he'll let me kind of scratch his head a little bit to let him know that someone cares," Delaney said.