Abandoned puppies found in a box near a dumpster

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Look at how cute these puppies are. It's hard to believe anyone would abandon them, but that's what happened -- all three of them were left in a box by the trash in north Phoenix.

Who would do something like this? It's one thing to have to give puppies away, but to abandon them next to a dumpster where anything could have happened.

Luckily, a good hearted dog lover found them and now they get a whole new chance at life.

"Look at this face!" exclaimed Gayle Nastzger. "Not just one, but three of them.. three small puppies abandoned, left in a box by a dumpster in the Sunnyslope area on Friday night."

"They were cold, they were dirty, they were huddled together and they were scared. Very scared of humans."

Nastzger reached out to an organization called Arizona Small Dog Rescue and they found a foster family. Workers here say it looked like the dogs were near starvation and had been eating rocks and sticks, but they have been eating very well over the past few days. They are very healthy and are just working on getting used to people and trusting them again. They should be ready for adoption in another couple of weeks.

But who would abandon little puppies like this?

"I don't understand people these days.. dogs are family.. no reason to leave them out like that," said Nastzger.

Arizona Small Dog Rescue