Ahead of Super Bowl weekend, Phoenix area sports bars get ready for one of their busiest weekends of 2023

As we get close to the Super Bowl weekend, sports bars across the Valley are putting up the finishing touches before one of their busiest weekends of the year.

In Scottsdale, businesses there are expecting thousands of fans - Chief or Eagle, to gather in the area for the weekend.

"We transform for every single Eagles game, so we transform from Rockbar to the home of the Eagles West, every game day, every playoff game, and obviously the Super Bowl," said Alex Mundy, who owns Rockbar in Old Town Scottsdale.

Mundy said he brought in 30 more employees to serve the many people who are expected to walk through the front door.

"Honestly, it's kind of turnkey now after 12 years of doing this," said Mundy. "So, just a bunch of signage, DJs doing all the Eagles fight songs."

Besides the usual Super Bowl events, there are other events at Rockbar that are set to take place this weekend, including a meet and greet with former Eagles players on Saturday.

Prepping, for the Rooster Tavern in North Scottsdale, consists of hundreds of cases of beer getting dropped off daily.

"We'll we do a lot of package, but we'll have a solid 30 or 40 barrels coming in tomorrow and Saturday," said bartender Joseph Bologna.

The Rooster Tavern has been a Chiefs bar for the past five years.

"We've been packed solid. We have a waiting list for seats. It's going to be standing room only," said Bologna.

With the Chiefs playing in the Super Bowl, it's causing Rooster Tavern to run out of beer quicker than they thought.

"I'm going insane. I'm still in the middle of my liquor order now for this weekend, and it's just stacking up," said Bologna.

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