Ahwatukee high school sports coach accused of sharing game plans with opposing teams

A coach at Ahwatukee's Mountain Pointe High School has resigned after a school district investigation revealed some shocking findings.

Justin Hager is accused of tipping off opposing teams, sharing all kinds of information that would give them the upper hand. It was news that sent shockwaves through the halls of the eastern Ahwatukee high school on Monday. Hager, a three-year girls varsity basketball head coach and an assistant football coach for the school, was caught sending hundreds of secret emails to opponents that featured game plans and diagrammed plays.

Justin Hager (Photo Courtesy: Tempe Union High School District)

Administrators found out when a Nevada coach disclosed it in the handshake line after the first game of the football season. District officials then alerted the AIA. In a 24-page letter the school sent to officials, the documents are loaded with coaches names from other schools that either complied or looked the other way.

Mountain Pointe High School Principal Tomika Banks wrote a letter to the school's students and families. The letter did not mention Hager by name, but sis say Hager's resignation was approved by the Governing Board on Wednesday, and that school officials did not understand why Hager did what he did.

"We believe this should serve as a call to action for every adult in a leadership role with students to recommit to acting with integrity, whether in the classroom or on the field of competition," Banks wrote.

Officials with the AIA also released a statement Monday.

Officials with other school districts have also commented on the incidents. Officials with Chandler Unified School District said they were made aware of the situation on Monday morning, and their principals and athletic directors will follow up with all coaches to make them aware of what happened. and see if they have additional information.

Meanwhile, officials with Gilbert Unified said they were made aware of the situation on Friday.