All-female crew rebuilds rusted 1957 Chevy truck

An insane dream that's now a reality.

Bogi Lateiner of Bogi's Garage started the "All-Female Truck Build Chevy Montage" project back in January. The finished product was just unveiled on the biggest stage in the automotive industry, at the Sema Show in las Vegas.

"This was a crazy dream," Lateiner said. "This was verging on the impossible. To do 10 months with newbies and 90 women, It was just an insane dream. This truck came to us pretty much ready to go to the junk yard. It was in horrible condition. We tore it down, we salvaged what we could."

We showed you the truck when the women were just getting started. This is it now, after 90 women from across the country put in hours of hard work.

Some have professional experience.

"It's not the glamorous part," Dez Ferrell said. "You see that in the end and that's your goal, but to get there, it's a lot of hard work, but there's no more satisfaction that I've gotten from any other job."

Others have no experience.

"I loved learning how to use the torque wrench and finding out what size sockets you need to use," Teresa Dickson said.

Throughout the entire process, one of the biggest reveals was the color of the truck and after a nationwide vote, the winner was tenacious teal.

"Because it's the color that just won't stop, much like the women who worked on this truck and made this happen and the women who work in the trades every day," Lateiner said.

Bogi says this truck represents her motto perfectly; dream it, build it, drive it.

"It was a training opportunity, it was an opportunity to have women work with each other and we really learned as we went," Lateiner said.