Amid COVID-19 resurgence in Arizona, restaurants across the Valley decide to close down

As the state deals with a big resurgence in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, several popular restaurants across the Valley have decided to close their doors, the latest in a string of safety steps they are taking to protect customers and employees, while trying to stay afloat at the same time.

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Restaurants and cafes like Durant's Steakhouse, Lux Coffee Shop and Aiello's Italian restaurant are among a number of establishments now closed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

In Glendale, ChzBurgr goes by the motto "be so good they can’t ignore you," but for them, being aware is a two-way street, and owner Kelly Fletcher couldn’t ignore the signs anymore.

"That Memorial Day weekend, where they release the hounds, the absolute pinnacle of you could see it happening. It was falling apart," said Fletcher.

ChzBurgr is one of several valley restaurants that shut down, reopen, and then shut down again, worried they might dish out more than just good food.

"I had a younger person working for me in who had lost both parents, living with her grandmother. I couldn’t imagine if she taken. Hope there’s something under grandmother. That’s her soul relative. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t live with the guilt," said Fletcher.

The Churchill, located in Downtown Phoenix, also closed down, as well as furloughing 30 employees.

"It really boils down to if my business partner and I don’t feel good about going into work because we have babies at home, how can we expect our staff to do the same?" said owner Hartley Rodie.

Fletcher isn’t sure when he’ll put a patty on the grill again. He may be the owner,but the coronavirus is calling the shots.

"There’s no amount of money that’s going to make me go this is gonna be worth it. It’s not worth it," said Fletcher.