Amid Halloween season, Airbnb reminds users that parties are banned from their Arizona listings

Ahead of the spookiest night of the year, officials with Airbnb are reminding guests and visitors that parties are banned at their listings in Arizona.

"Really in the interest of public health and everything going on in the world," said Ben Breit with Airbnb.

Breit says for the next few days, the company will also ban one-night stays at all of their locations nationwide.

"Doesn’t matter who you are, doesn’t matter where you are trying to book, one night home listings, we’re not gonna allow it to go through," said Breit.

Breit says it's just an added measure to prevent partying, but parties themselves have been banned from Airbnbs for the past several months.

"Understand they cannot throw a party," said Breit. "If they do, they are not only setting themselves up for ban from Airbnb, but setting them up for potential legal action."

Breit says normally, the guests are the ones held responsible and not the hosts. Earlier in 2020, however, Airbnb had to crack down on several so-called "party houses," where the hosts had reputations for condoning these parties.

In all, over 50 of those houses were permanently banned or suspended in Arizona.

"Public health is on the line," said Breit. "We really are taking this seriously, and hope others will as well."