App check restaurant's health inspection ratings

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Have you ever wondered how clean your favorite restaurant is? Now, you can see health inspection ratings with the click of a button, including any violations on the record.

The creators of the HD Scores app wanted to help you feel safe with your dining choices.

"At the moment, when you go to a restaurant, there's really no practical way that you can find out what the health record is," said Glynne Townsend with HD Scores.

The HD Scores app, however, is changing that.

"Pull up any restaurant you like," said Townsend. "The ones around you, you can enter an address, you can even go out of state. We do this on a nationwide basis, and really feel safe about your eating choices."

Once you find the restaurant you're looking for, near or far, it will show you its score.

"We typically go back over a two-year period, and look at data over the two years," said Townsend. "We'll take the violations that the health inspector notes, weather they're a priority or a non priority or repeatable or weather they're fixed on site and we'll simplify that into a score. We then put that into an algorithm to come up with an average waited score."

The app also shows any and all violations against the restaurant in order by date. Scores and violations can be shown for anywhere that serves food.

"Schools, hospitals, nurseries. The stadiums where you go to watch your sports or the theaters where you go, the drive through that you go through," said Townsend. "Really, we want to go out and try and make these restaurants that aren't up to these standards accountable."

The app costs $11.99 per year or $1.99 per month. and is currently only available on iOS devices such as the iPhone. The company is currently working on making it available on Android devices.