App helps its users find local chefs to cook for them

A new fine dining app is being tested in the Valley.

The new app, called "Bites", allows users to hire local chefs to cook for them, right in their kitchen.

"It's a very long process, but it's also a very heartfelt process," said Roza Ferdowsmakan. "To me, it's not stressful. It's invigorating and exciting."

Ferdowsmakan's app has recently made it's debut in Phoenix, bringing together local cooks and foodies.

"January 1, I sort of stepped off the cliff and was like, 'OK, I'm going to do this'," said Ferdowsmakan. "I started pursuing it. I started building it out in my head, like, of all the pieces. Like how would this experience be like for a foodie."

Months later, Ferdowsmakan then began working with app developers to build her project. The app is being tested at the moment, allowing folks in Phoenix to try out the chef-to-home experience.

"People like the chefs love this, because they are passionate about cooking, and this gives them the opportunity and exposure to do that, in a non-pressure cooker environment." said Ferdowsmakan.

For the food lovers out there, they can easily find their chef by first selecting the date, time and the type of cuisine they would like. After filling out the rest of the information and selecting the search button, a list of available chefs will then appear.

For Ferdowsmakan, this project is more than connecting foodies wth local chefs and sources from local farms.

"It's about doing good in many levels," said Ferdowsmakan. "Bringing culinary adventures to foodies at all different budgetary levels, celebrating diversity, community building. It's about economic empowerment for jobs for the chefs, for the professionals, students and homemakers."

Ferdowsmakan said she plans to take this app nationwide by next year.