April exam found no signs of pregnancy for woman in vegetative state at Hacienda Healthcare

PHOENIX (AP/FOX 10) -- Court documents show an Arizona woman in a vegetative state who was sexually assaulted and had a baby received a medical exam nearly nine months before giving birth.

The woman, who was identified by San Carlos Apache tribal officials as a 29-year-old enrolled member of the tribe, had been in a persistent vegetative state for over a decade. She gave birth on December 29, 2018.

The mother and legal guardian submitted an annual report, as required by state law, that included results of a physical done April 16. The report says the doctor who examined her at the long-term care facility where she lives found "no change" in her health.

The doctor wrote the exam was external only.

Doctors in fetal medicine say it's possible there might not be extreme outward signs of pregnancy if the mother is in a vegetative state.

At a news conference Wednesday, Phoenix Police Sergeant Tommy Thompson said the department has gathered DNA samples as part of the investigation. It is not known if anyone has refused giving a sample.

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