Arizona agencies prepare for incoming winter storm

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Even the best meteorologists can't predict exactly what's in store for northern Arizona over the next 24 hours, but failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

That's the goal of the Arizona Department of Emergency & Military Affairs, to get you ready for the unexpected.

"Make sure that you have enough food, water and necessary supplies and enough medications for you and your family for at least a 72-hour period," Charlie said.

The first recommendation is to always have an emergency kit, ideally one for your car and home.

Charlie Misra of the department says to not only pack essentials but extra supplies, like flashlights, batteries, chargers, a radio and blankets.

The state emergency operations center is the heart of DEMA, with wall-to-wall monitors or radars and forecasts.

They keep their finger on the pulse of Arizona.

"We can meet the immediate needs of an incident by looking at different state agencies to find out what personnel are needed to an incident," Misra said.

So what exactly does that mean? Charlie says they work together to connect Arizonans with helpful and many times life-saving resources, including everything from local law enforcement and first responders, to snow plows and generators.

"ADOT, for example, has a seat at the table looking at roads and closures," he said. "NWS has the comprehensive weather impact across the state, so we all come together and make sure that response is robust."