Arizona bill would allow loaded guns in cars at schools

PHOENIX (AP) - The Arizona House has voted to let adults leave loaded guns in their vehicles on school grounds. Arizona already allows unloaded weapons in vehicles driven by adults.

Republicans say the measure approved in a party-line vote Monday would reduce the risk of accidental shootings from parents loading and unloading their guns. They also say it would protect parents from accidentally breaking the law if they forget to unload their gun before dropping their child at school.

Democrats say the legislation would make schools less safe. They say Arizona law should seek to reduce the number of guns on campuses.

Statement from Everytown for Gun Safety:

"This legislation ignores the fact that there are legitimate public safety concerns have driven schools to prohibit loaded firearms from being stored on their property, including the risk of guns being stolen from cars. Research suggests that nearly one-quarter of stolen guns are stolen from cars and other vehicles."

The measure goes next to the Senate.

Arizona House Bill 2693
misconduct involving weapons; school grounds