Arizona Burn Foundation hosts 28th Camp Courage for child burn survivors

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - The Arizona Burn Foundation kicked off its 28th year of Camp Courage, where burn survivors head up to Prescott for a week-long adventure filled with lots of activities and bonding.

In almost every city or every state, you can find a summer camp with familiar elements, like arts and crafts, cabins, and smores.

But there's one camp that stands out from the rest, Camp Courage.

"Burn camp is literally just this big old family, everybody loves everybody there, never really any drama up there and I feel like personally it had def made me the person that I am today," said Alexis Stokes, a burn survivor.

Alexis Stokes first attended Camp Courage in 2013 after a bonfire accident left parts of her body badly burned. After initial hesitation of the unknown, Alexis said it was the best decision she's ever made.

"Just being able to meet a bunch of kids that have experienced what I have like you don't feel like an outsider there you feel like you belong somewhere," explained Alexis.

Now a "leader in training," Alexis is surrounded by other burn survivors who have attended as a camper but are returning to help lead, like Aniya Shunnara.

"Everybody there is so kind and they really try to push you to be like what you want to be they don't hold you back or anything like that it's all with love and open arms," said Aniya Shunnara, a burn survivor.

The girls say the vast range of activities is always fun, but the best part about camp is the people.

Lori Janick of the Arizona Burn Foundation agrees.

"This is a wonderful thing for them to look forward to year after year to meet others and to build on their own self-esteem and growth and healing," said Lori Janick.

Adding that in order to carry on this 28-year tradition of Camp Courage, they're always looking for help.

"We make this free for all of our children attending year after year and that really relies on the donations and support of people to allow that to continue happening so more children can continue to attend and grow," said Janick.

To learn more about Camp Courage or donate, click here.