Arizona business owner says after a rough few months, business is picking back up

Arizona is reopening, but it’s not back to normal just yet as some stores are still working to get their doors back open during the coronavirus pandemic.

But, one shop never shut theirs and the owner is seeing better days – and sales.

The owner of Woods & Whites, a local shop, decided to ride out the shut down. It was a struggle, but the owner says that it was better to stay open and help out artists that she features. 

"If we were to just completely shut down, there is zero opportunity. So it’s not just a matter of keeping our doors open, but keeping 100 people's door open," says owner Deanna Zouari.

She says a slow March and a horrendous April were worth the risk of her business. But, this May, she says, is better than last year.

With many people spending more time at home, decor was a big seller, boosting her sales.

"People spent so much time at home the last three months so the kinds of things that we sell here really lend to the comforts of home, bringing in your personal things into your home that really round out a space. We’ve sold more furniture in the last month than we have three months proceeding," Zouari said.

The Biltmore shopping center is now open, with some stores remaining closed. There's no word yet on when they will reopen.

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