Arizona Cardinals fans tailgate ahead of Monday night matchup against LA Rams

Thousands of fans packed into State Farm Stadium for the sold-out game.

"We got here at 2, as soon as the gates opened, but I’ve been preparing all day long," said John Berg. He's been tailgating with his fellow Air Force veterans for over a decade, and wouldn’t dare miss a game, no matter the cost.

"I actually called in sick today so I could be here, so my boss, if you see this, I’m sorry," Berg jokingly said. Adding, "We’ve lost so many years in a row. Now we’re on a high. All the fans are enjoying it, they’re riding it. We’re not band-wagoners by any means. We’re dedicated through the thick and thin, that’s us."

Even those who went to the game together still took part in a fun rivalry.

Martin Gonzalez says, "We’ve been friends since grade school." Sylvia Moya replied, saying there are some exceptions, "Only on betting and game day, but other than that, we love each other."

Cardinals fans tailgate, celebrating quite the season

Monday night football arrived in Glendale as the Arizona Cardinals take on the Los Angeles Rams at State Farms Stadium on Dec. 13.

Fans started showing up early to the stadium to take in all the pregame action with a big tailgate party. A Monday night game, meant some had to take the day off work, or, for one fan, "pretend to be working."

"It’s my bachelor party," said Esteban Sales. "So I take the day off, but no one knows." He and his friends drove all the way from a town near Cancun, Mexico to come to the game and celebrate.

"It’s the first time we all go together as a crew to an NFL game, that is pretty special. Like we said, we are all in the same fantasy league. We all watch football together back in Mexico, so it’s kind of special for all of us to be here together right now to see a prime time game," Mau Cortes said.

Of course, super fans were at the tailgate party. Robert Freedman says he goes to nearly all the Cardinals' home games.

If the Cardinals continue to win, they're on track to be the top-seeded team in the NFC Playoffs. The Rams are currently the fifth-seeded team.

"There’s a lot of negativity in this world right now, you know? Sports is actually one of the things that brings everybody together," a fan said.

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