Arizona detectives' SUV struck by lightning in Phoenix

A trio of Arizona Department of Public Safety detectives escaped serious injury when the SUV they were riding in was struck by lightning in Phoenix.

DPS said the incident happened last weekend as the on-duty detectives were riding along eastbound Interstate 10.

"They initially felt a shock & experienced tingling sensations, but we're glad to report none were seriously injured," the department tweeted on Aug. 17.

The Dodge Durango the detectives were riding in didn't have the same luck, as the vehicle now has two holes in the roof and a fried electrical system.

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Be prepared and stay safe during the monsoon

"Most Valley residents know how quickly and furiously storms can move in and out, bringing strong winds, dust, rain, and flash flooding. These storms can cause interruptions in services, such as water, power, and gas," stated Captain Ashley Losch of the Glendale Fire Department.

GFD reminds residents of ways they can be prepared and stay safe:

  • Have flashlights with extra batteries on hand.
  • Have food that can be prepared without the need for cooking or refrigeration.
  • Have at least one gallon of clean water for each person in the household.
  • Have backup power for anyone requiring power for a medical device.
  • Have backup power for cell phones that do not require charging.
  • Have a first aid kit ready and accessible.
  • Never drive into areas with flowing water; it takes less than 10 inches to wash a car away.
  • Avoid flooded areas, such as washes.
  • If waters are rising, seek higher ground.
  • Do not approach downed power lines, the ground can be energized for up to 200 feet.
  • Keep pets indoors during storms.