Arizona eviction moratorium extended through June although landlords struggle financially

The rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic has been slow for many trying to keep a roof over their heads in Arizona, but just in time, an eviction moratorium has been extended through June.

Multiple renters have been in the unnerving situation for months as jobs might not be coming back so quickly for some, forcing them to continue living paycheck to paycheck.

A bit of good news for these renters is that a ban on evictions has been extended through the end of June. But if you’re a landlord, the financial help may not be getting out quick enough.

Arizona received nearly half a billion dollars of federal assistance money earlier this year to hand out to struggling landlords. The state is handling disbursements in mostly rural counties and they’ve received about 1,375 applications for help so far.

Phoenix has gotten 800 appointments booked for assistance since March 8, but only 30 have received funding so far.

Arizona Senator Kirsten Engel has been pushing the need for more help, saying, "Let’s get the money out to them quickly. You’re absolutely right. This money goes straight into the landlord's pocket, not the tenants. A lot of these landlords are small businesses and we need to keep them in business. We need to do everything to get it out to them quickly."

The Arizona Multihousing Association says the eviction ban is unconstitutional and it has been overturned in some courts around the country.