Arizona foster parents surprised by children they've fostered over the years

There is a massive need for foster parents in Arizona, and thousands of kids rely on them.

One family received an unbelievable surprise from the people they love most, making it a once-in-a-lifetime moment for Laura and Vance Friend. 

In a video released by the Arizona Dept. of Child Safety, Laura and Vance believe they've entered a focus group only to be surprised by the people they love.

Some of the 14 kids they've fostered over the years tell them how thankful they are for the love they've received.

Jordan Friend is one of their biological children who said growing up with fostered children was an amazing experience.

"It was phenomenal, never a dull moment," Jordan said. "I think it taught us a lot about how to accept others and come from different places."

It impacted Jordan so much that she fostered a child herself because she knows how important it is.

"I have brothers and sisters that are adopted, that it almost feels like they were supposed to be there in the first place," Jordan said. "I wouldn't trade the world for any of my siblings. "

The incredible video of the Friend's family reunion comes during National Foster Care Month.

The state says there are 13,000 kids in the foster care system in Arizona, and parents are needed now more than ever.

"The foster care system is just so overrun right now and [to] be able to just give them attention when times are hard and they need a safe place to land - it's so important," she said.

For Jordan's parents, moments like this will never be forgotten.