Arizona freeway shootings case: Attorney claims Merritt, Jr. is still being targeted

About a year ago, Leslie Merritt, Jr., the accused freeway shooter, was released from jail. All charges against him were dropped, but this case is apparently far from over.

Merritt's attorney, Jason Lamm, claims the state is still heavily watching his client, even though charges have been dropped.

On Tuesday, we learned about other claims against the state as well. Recently released paperwork filed by Lamm claims the state is still watching Merritt and conducting surveillance. It also claims there was no physical evidence against Merritt in the first place.

In the paperwork, Merritt claims he feels threatened and vulnerable with the alleged ongoing surveillance. He says he has difficulty sleeping and eating. The paperwork also shows Department of Public Safety investigator Major Kelly Heape testified that since his release from jail on April 9, 2016, he's been the subject of physical surveillance.

We caught up with Lamm back in January where he was backing up these recent claims:

"Sitting across the street with surveillance units the entire time Leslie was there. They followed him out of court, they followed him to a Circle K and this harrassment of Mr. Merritt is just not necessary. He has done nothing wrong and authorities just continue to harrass him for no good reason adding insult to injury."

Lamm asked Heape if there was any evidence that Merritt's gun was used in any of the four shootings. Heape answered no.

Lamm is asking for the state to disclose the full extent of its ongoing targeting of Merritt.