Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs visits U.S.-Mexico border at closed Lukeville port of entry

Problems at the border are reaching a boiling point.

On Saturday, Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs visited the crossing at Lukeville. It's been closed for nearly a week to deal with a surge of migrants.

The governor is demanding more help from the feds while she considers sending the Arizona National Guard.

Lukeville is one of the busiest ports of entry in the busiest sector in Arizona. Travelers going between the two countries now will have to travel about two hours in either direction to go back and forth between Arizona and Mexico.

Hobbs called the situation chaos.

"This week I sent a letter to President Biden demanding the resources and manpower to open this port of entry, and we announced Operation Secure to step up state support for local law enforcement," Hobbs said.

In front of the border wall in Lukeville, Hobbs taped a video and posted it to social media, asking the federal government to reopen the Lukeville port of entry and reimburse Arizonans for the economic impact.

"For far too long, Arizona has bore the brunt of federal inaction on our southern border and I am tired of it," Hobbs said.

Customs and Border Protection officers who work the ports of entry, which allow travelers to cross between Mexico and the United States legally, have been moved to assist border patrol agents at the openings in the border wall in the Tucson sector.

This comes as the agency tries to manage one of the highest surges of migrants coming through the Lukeville area illegally.

Hobbs isn't the only Arizona politician calling for immediate action and funding. Senator Kyrsten Sinema called the shutdown a disaster.

"Lukeville has been shut down by DHS to be used as a short-term processing center, but as we're seeing from these videos and images, even that is not enough. The reality is the federal government is not responding to this crisis in an effective manner," Sinema said.