Arizona health care hero heads to New York to fight COVID-19

A valley health care hero is heading to New York City to battle the deadly coronavirus next week.

The state of New York has the highest number of cases and deaths in the United States, with more than 9,000 lives lost since the pandemic began.

Dr. Greg Margolin is based in Scottsdale and is headed to New York City next Thursday. There he will join his team at a pop-up intensive care unit where patients are trying to survive COVID-19.

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“I wanted to stay on top of what was the cutting edge so that if it hit Arizona hard, that we could be leaders instead of followers,” Margolin explained.

Since January, Margolin, a critical care physician has been preparing for the coronavirus pandemic. He says Arizona does not feel the same pressure that New York is facing.

“We have enough hospital beds, we have an amazing surplus of ventilators, we don’t have personal protective equipment, I'm not gonna exaggerate it all, but we have the ability to send resources to hot spots and Oregon has answered the call, why hasn’t Arizona answered the call?” he said.

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Margolin will work a 13-hour shifts five days at a time with one day off in New York City.

He won't be wearing the coveted N95 mask. Instead he will use a snorkel mask, his face completely protected and sealed in a hazardous situation.

Margolin says since he works for a large group in Arizona he has the ability to be flexible and help in places of dire need like New York City.

There are other medical professionals making the trip with Margolin from Arizona to New York as well.