Arizona Humane Society declares "kitten crisis", asking for help

It's a kitten crisis of sorts at the Arizona Humane Society, as the shelter is over capacity with orphaned kittens. Now, they are sending out a plea for help.

Volunteers and staff are manning the room 24 hours a day, all of them helping to take care of a mass influx of kittens.

"The Arizona Humane Society, over the past 24 hours, have taken in dozens of baby kittens, so much so that our bottled baby intensive care unit is overflowing," said Bretta Nelson with AHS.

AHS can't accept any more kittens in the short term. Nelson says it's the second wave they've gotten this year.

"They do everything from weighing them to giving them formula to weighing them again," said Nelson.

The reason? Mostly the Valley's weather, with cats roaming outside longer than they are able to in other states.

"Right now we're in the height of kitten season that's across the country," said Nelson. "it's a really small window, just a few months long, but in Arizona, kitten season lasts from March until November."

It may sound odd, but people who come across a litter of kittens should not take them anywhere right away, unless they're in danger.

"The mom provides the best chance of survival, so we tell people don't kidnap kittens. Wait eight hours for a return. We'll give you all the supplies to care in place for them."